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Helping Humanity, Find Freedom & Fulfillment in Life

“Our foundation is more than just a network; it’s a dynamic force driving positive transformation in the lives of individuals who have experienced trauma”

Empowering Humanity: Join Our Community of Change-Makers for Wellness and Support

Welcome to Ripples of Change Foundation, where a diverse community of professionals in coaching, wellness, consulting, and beyond converge with a shared mission: to facilitate the journey towards freedom and fulfillment for all. Our foundation is more than just a network; it’s a dynamic force driving positive transformation in the lives of individuals who have experienced trauma, offering them a sanctuary of support and belonging.

Through our programs, networks, and materials, we’re building a robust infrastructure for healing and growth, empowering humanity to thrive despite life’s challenges. Join us in creating ripples of change that spread far and wide, igniting hope and resilience in every corner of the world.

223.4 Million

Adults in the U.S. have experienced some type of traumatic event at least once.

264 Million

People have anxiety disorder worldwide. Women are two-times more likely than men to have it.

1 in 6

American women have been the victim of sexual violence.

1 in 3

American women will experience domestic abuse.

Where Can Trauma Stem From?

Trauma may not always be easy to define. If an event is perceived as traumatic, then it is. Affected individuals should always feel as though they can seek help.

We're Here To Help

Board of Directors

Cari Kenzie

Founder & President

Cari Kenzie, founder of Ripples of Change, is a beacon of resilience, transforming her harrowing experience as a Boston Marathon Bombing survivor into a powerful movement for trauma healing. Driven by a deep passion to empower voices and share stories, she's dedicated to ensuring no one walks their healing journey alone. Through Ripples of Change, Cari offers hope and actionable paths towards healing, embodying the true spirit of overcoming and thriving.

Kara Dobelis

Integrative Medicine

As Vice President of Ripples of Change and founder of Integrative Family Medicine of Iowa, Kara, MSN ARNP FNP-BC, merges her journey through personal health challenges with her expertise in holistic care, advocating for trauma-informed approaches. Her passion for transformative, empathetic healthcare guides her commitment to those affected by trauma, reflecting a dedication to healing and change.

Jeri Wiedemer


Drawing on her rich background in the gaming industry, Jeri channels her expertise and empathy into her role as treasurer of Ripples of Change and her volunteer work with the Trauma Intervention Program in Las Vegas, advocating for comprehensive support for those touched by trauma. Her dedication reflects a heartfelt commitment to healing and community support, embodying the spirit of compassion and resilience.

Empowering Lives: The Mission of Ripples of Change Foundation

Ripples of Change Foundation was created with the intention of forming a community at large of professionals in the coaching, wellness, consulting and other supporting arenas. These professionals rally together for a common goal: to help humanity find freedom and fullness of life. We also create the infrastructure for people who have undergone trauma to find community and support systems throughout our programs, networks and produced materials.

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